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We all know her. The one who never speaks, the one who stands by the wall in parties, assuming that is, she gets invited to any. We all have her scribble furiously into a journal, hum 'eccentric' songs, talk about think that seemed petty and monotonous, all of us regardless of whether we accredited the verity have a degree familiarity with her. She is in every B- grade teen romantic comedy movie, but the banal ending of her getting taken out of social obscurity by her love interest (typically the school's 'it' guy) is not viable in genuine everyday life. This girl remains indiscernible to the common eye and continues on at her status on the societal hierarchy.
I am the living embodiment of that cliche. I'm not trying to give you the erroneous notion that we are sad and despondent, I would never wish to be an insipid, egotistical, and vain cheerleader, a wasted and happy go lucky, burnout with no future ahead of myself, or a markedly studious and almost wholly hopeless nerd with nothing but unfeasible self manufactured expectations to achieve. No, I am much happier blending in than becoming a vile stereotype. But I hate feeling confined to my own intolerable penitentiary. We all, like it or not, have been cast into roles, a label has been put over all of us, labels that we can not shake as hard as we attempt to. We are all tagged then set aside as the incessant gossip waves, the immaterial meltdowns, the pushes and pulls of conformity, the calamity of heartbreak, the elations of manifested joy and all of the trivial things that make up our adolescent years take first hand to us and our lives and tribulations. But as I stated that's just dynamism of each day and we continue to roll on.
Sorry for that tangent but more or less I can pigeonhole myself to that. My name is Kate and consider that our rather incoherent and horribly written, stereotypically angst-y introduction.

This is to be my inaugural post to my Dreamwidth account (which I'll admittedly say was created a bit more than partially to help with my borderline stalking of bloggers and writers I love) and I intend to utterly waste it through ramblings such as the one above and the ones, to clutter my account, to come.

With, again, no good segue or any fluidity or such, more 'about me':
I'm quite horrible with consistency. All of the journals and etc. I’ve started went from sporadic postings to utter desertion within a few months. Although I intend to use this blog as an almost conditioning to continue through with something (and improve my incoherent and really rough writing) I ask anyone, in the event they find this to be a concern, pardon inconsistency of my postings.
Writings- Although I'm a pathetically avid fanfiction/yaoi reader the only fanfiction I've managed to write were a few chapters for an inside joke crack-fic collaboration called 'All My Manga' which at the moment is kind of a wasteland train wreck. My writings are typically rather short 'stories' either of my bitching about whatever is bothering me or some short lived inspiration compelling me to create bits of a story which will likely never reach completion.

More is to come soon.


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